Rising global energy prices are a worry for all business owners. When the cost of your predicted annual bill doubles overnight, that’s likely to stretch your cashflow extremely thin.

So, what can you do to overcome the problem of soaring electricity and gas prices? We’ve outlined five simple ways to reduce your energy bills.

Simple ways to reduce the impact of the energy crisis

The obvious way to beat the energy crisis is to reduce your company’s energy usage.

With prices sky-rocketing, cutting your energy consumption makes good sense and should help reduce your annual bill. As an added bonus, cutting down your energy consumption also makes your business more sustainable, more energy-conscious and a better global citizen.

Here are five ideas for bringing down your energy usage:

Talk to us about reviewing your energy usage

Energy prices are likely to remain unstable for some time, so it’s important to keep a close eye on your energy overheads and their overall impact on your finances.

As your accountant, we’ll help you track your electricity and gas costs as key metrics in your accounting software dashboard. We’ll also help you come up with an energy reduction strategy that cuts down your expenses and stabilises your cashflow.

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